Fredo Box Scale - sketchup essentials

Hello, I wanted to share my great experience with Fredo box scale !!
I am a furniture builder by trade but have transitioned to a custom furniture modeler and designer for handcrafted furniture , you can download some of my models from the 3D warehouse .
Put dutchcraftfurniture in search bar and select models .
I work directly with the customer so the box scale extension has made my life 10 times easier and more efficient Because their are always size changes modifications , i can do it in seconds versus minutes and give the customer a direct result !!!
Also a great appreciation for sketchup essentials
My BEST TIPS for Using FredoScale for SketchUp - You need this extension! - YouTube
for the you tube videos and tips , thanks to you i am able to model at lightning speed and still learning. I am hopeful to take your course someday soon !!