FR: Pan/Orbit/Zoom control OPTIONS to match other CAD programs



I’ve recently started to use Fusion360 (F360) because the maker space I’m going to use to CNC rout a project relies on it. And I’m frustrated because I can’t alter the key/mouse button/wheel combinations so that I can use the same controls - in the same direction - to Pan, Orbit and Zoom. My SketchUp (SU) trained muscle memory is causing me all sorts of frustration when I’m in F360. Yes, F360 can “match” their controls to a few other CAD programs - but the only option that has Orbit as the middle mouse button has <shift><middle mouse button> for pan!

Given the number of different CAD programs that are frequently used in conjunction with SU, I’d love it if SU leads the way with FULLY configurable Pan/Orbit/Zoom control flexibility.

Admittedly, I probably won’t use them! Since SU is my first (and most frequently used) CAD program, I’d rather alter any other CAD I use to pan/orbit/zoom with SU style controls.

And for that reason, I’m going to make this same post to the F360 user forum - suitably altered for viewpoint!

And for those of you who revel in ridiculously obscure acronyms, I might call this the “Cross Cad Compatibility In Viewpoint Control Options Initiative” or CCCIVCOI - for short!

And, of course, Layout should offer similar functionality for Pan Zoom (Orbit is n/a in a 2D program!)


Funny how SketchUp also has SHIFT+MMB for Pan / MMB for Orbit.


In case anyone is interested, here’s the Feature Request I entered on Autodesk: (It might only work with a login). (Anyone can view it, but a login is required to up vote!)

I welcome suggestions on OTHER CAD forums/official sites where I might make a similar post. Even better, if you use another CAD program - YOU make the suggestion as it would be far more credible coming from an actual user! If you do, let us know!


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