Four-Inch Globe with Stand


For some time now, I’ve been thinking of making a desk ornament using the Earth. The globe will be printed in full-color gypsum while the stand will be made from laser-sintered black nylon. I might eventually have the stand printed from polished brass, but the $110 price is a bit steep for my limited budget. However, it renders better than the plastic :wink:



Rather amazing to be able to fabricate that globe in color; isn’t technology wonderful! :slight_smile:


Looking great!
It reminded me of this project:


Thanks for the input, @filibis :slight_smile: I’m adding an accessory to my desktop globe …


It seems to be a summer globe, to judge from the size of the polar glacier.


That’s actually a cool idea! How did you come up with that?


I’ve always liked the various Earth globes I’ve encountered, so it was only natural to model one. Here’s a reference:

Shapeways (the 3D print vendor that printed this) requires a one-inch hole in the bottom to allow them to clean out the inside. I also toyed with the idea of using two 1/2" holes at the poles for a more traditional stand. However, the single hole seemed better and the stand aligns it a to 23.4 degree tilt and also allows you to pick it up and play with it.


Wow, that’s amazing! Very creative. How long did it take you to finish this? I’d be really curious on that.


Not very long … about twenty minutes total once I had a good idea of what I wanted. Here’s how the globe was made at 1000:1 scale in inches: