Format de fichier inattendu?

Je suis une utilisatrice de SketchUp Pro2021.
Je tente, en vain, d’ouvrir un fichier réalisé en 2016 (avec la version Sketchup 2017).
Le message suivant s’affiche toujours à l’ouverture: FORMAT DE FICHIER INATTENDU.
Y a t il quelque chose que je puise faire pour récupérer ce fichier?

Je vous remercie,


Translated by Google:

I am a SketchUp Pro2021 user.
I try, in vain, to open a file made in 2016 (with the Sketchup 2017 version).
The following message is always displayed when opening: UNEXPECTED FILE FORMAT.
Is there anything I can do to recover this file?

Perhaps upload the file here. @colin sometimes has luck recovering at least components and materials. He might be successful with your file. If it’s too large to upload directly, upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

Please complete your forum profile with Sketchup version. Are you still using Windows 7? If not, please also update your computer information. That information helps us help you.

Bonjour DaveR,

thank you for your quick answer.
Here is the link up to the file:

I did update my computer information…Thanks for the recall.

Thank you for your support!

I tried to do something with the file, but it comes out very small sized, I’m not too hopeful. It’s small enough to attach in my reply. (3.2 MB)

Curiously, it seems to be a SketchUp 2016 file. What is the reason for that?

Hi Colin,

First, thank you for your quick reply.

I succeed to open it but it showed a blank space. I could not see anything.

The only answer I found for that the problem might be attribuate to the saving supports (Key USB?)

We will have to redo everything….

Thank you for your support.

P.S. : The file has been draft in 2016 and has been archived since. That is why is has be done with 2016 SketchUp version.


Before you start redoing it all, look at the In Model components. There are a bunch of them you can drag out into the model space.

Thank you!

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Thank you!
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