Fonts blocky radius

What can I do to get a monogram font to open with more points so the curves aren’t so blocky?

Is there anyone capable of answering this question

You need to give more information for us to be able to answer your question.
We need to know what you are doing.
Where is the monogram font from? Are you importing it, using standard 3D text, using an image…?

Perhaps give us a model or at least a screenshot to look at.

I’d say bring the monogram into a 2D drawing program like CorelDraw, convert the font to curves, and add more nodes. Then export it as dxf for SU.


I’m trying to deal with the same problem…
I’m working to create a sign using my CNC router, with letters roughly 24" tall. I’ve found a font on Google fonts and imported it to my MacOS, and have no problem getting it to show up in SUMake 2017.
The problem is with the resolution of the fonts when made large scale in Sketchup. When the font is scaled up in other programs the curves are smooth, but in SU the curves are segmented and blocky in a way that would be obvious on the CNC machine (for 24" lettering, the segments end up being flat sections of about 1.5" - 2").

I know that when drawing circles and arcs the number of segments can be specified. When I select one of the curves contained within the font; the number of segments are displayed but I’m not able to change the number to smooth out the curve. I assume that’s because the curve is not a straight arc, but a more complicated Bezier curve?

I’ve worked my way through a few plugins to try and mess with NURBS and Bezier curves, but none of them have worked. The closest was Jacob Samuel’s NURBS Curve Manager, which allows to change the number of segments in a curve. When I do that to these curves, the number of segments changes in the Entity Info, but has no practical effect on the curve itself.

Short of redrawing of each curve in the font using Bezier tools, does anyone know a more elegant way to solve this?

did you import a pdf of the font?

that should come in as a vectors…


Have you tried creating the 3D text to a very large scale, say, several meters high, and scaling it down after finishing it? What happens if you use a different font?

Also, @Gully_Foyle’s 4 year old method is still valid. Use a graphics application like Illustrator, CorelDraw or Inkscape to first convert the text into Bezier paths, and, then to create the desired segmentation, and import into SketchUp when finished.