Fonts and numbers

how do I make the HOUSE NUMBER stick to the face of an elevation?

Can you share an example SKP file of what you’ve got and are trying to do?

One of the easier ways is to use the plugin FlatText - there’s a free trial, and a limited completely free version. Slightly tricky interface in the free version, but it works. (see the Extension Warehouse).

It draws simple text (including numbers) using SketchUp’s 3D text, with single or double lines and no faces, and remains editable after placement. There’s a small choice of simple ‘fonts’ (actually, 3D text glyphs).

You can do the same with native SU, but it’s harder to get clear text - unless you have a single-line font installed, which is unusual.

sorry for the bother DaveR…for some damned reason after weeks of trying to place a font street number on the face of my new home…it stuck…so I can now move it it all directions without it staying in 1 place.!!! I’m SAVING THE FORMAT!

I do have a few other Q’s and will post in the next few days.

TY all the best.

DaveR>>>see the address is now located on the face and is moveable with the whole picture…what a relief it worked.


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