Follow Me Tool - How to "unfollow"

I have created a shape using the follow me tool, but I would like to go back to tweak the profile in 2D to improve the shape. How do you “unfollow” a shape to get back to the original 2D profile for tweaking?

Undo will work if you haven’t gone too far forward or you haven’t saved and closed SketchUp.

Probably easiest to just redraw the profile.

Edit to add: By keeping the path separate as I did in my GIF in your other thread, you can easily run as many different profile shapes as you want.

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Undoing actually worked - I had to go back quite a ways, but I did get back to my original profile. Don’t quite understand “keeping the path separate”, but will look into it further. Thanks.

Go back and look at that GIF I did for you yesterday. The Follow Me path was separated from the profile being extruded so it was still available to be used with other profiles.