Follow Me strange behavior

I’ve been successful with Follow Me until I tried this:

The clogged wheel shape on the blue plane is the intended path. The shape above and to the left is the intended profile. The result looks like this:

TIA for any advice on what is wrong.

Can you share the .skp file? Clearly there’s a hitch somewhere.

This is what I get when I try to start with something similar to your screen shot. It’s in the desktop version but it should work the same way on the iPad version.

My crude attempt at this seemed to work on the iPad.
Question: which of the methods that are demonstrated in the help video on the iPad did you try to use. I used the Apple Pencil and just tapped on it.


It’s just a scratch file I’ve been experimenting in.

Untitled 2.skp (456.0 KB)

I’ve also had no problems with Follow Me with other geometries. I’ve been playing with this tool for a while.

Just position the elements better


Great, thanks!