Follow me behavior changed since 2016

I had made mention during a live stream that the follow me tool had changed since 2016 and leaves remnants behind, namely the original profile, when using it with non-orthogonal edges. I’ve discovered that if you use the follow me tool to create a simple rectangular profile swept along a path for a railing (creating the angled solid), then draw a profile to use with follow me on one of the end faces, it will subtract that profile along the edge but leave the original profile behind. On 2016 and previous versions SketchUp was intelligent in its cleanup after the follow me tool and would remove the original profile. Since then it doesn’t. Not sure if it’s easy to fix, but has been a pain when using follow me.

I was seeing that in versions prior to the current SU2021. I’m not seeing it anymore now, though.

It’s still there, I’ll to post a screenshot with the process annotated

This illustrates the problem

I know many will say why not just use the completed profile instead of a rectangle. In some cases I find I have to come back to a modeled element to manipulate it after a design change, or embellish more detail into a model. For example a counter top profile, or a cabinet door insert, etc…

I wonder what’s different for your model and mine.

Do you have the current version of 2021 which was released today?

I would guess that in his model the first profile is not quite perpendicular to the path.

You might be correct.

It is perpendicular to the path

It’s consistent on 2018 (here at work) and 2021 (at home). I teach this at university here and can confirm it’s happening to all of my students as well. I’ve removed my extensions as well to see if something was awry and it still happens.

As I said, I’ve seen it in previous versions but not in the current version of 2021 which was released today.


I’ll check with the latest of 2021 when I get back home, but I don’t know what to say. It’s consistent on my end and my class size is 80 students/yr and it’s a common occurrence on their computers as well.

Are they using the latest version of 2021?

The latest update 21.1.278 was released TODAY, as Dave says. It’s unlikely that any of your students are using it. I just installed about an hour ago, and I can corroborate that this follow me remnant that occurred in previous versions seems to have been fixed.

Go to SketchUp > Check for update to get the latest version.

Yes. But you’re saying one was released today June 8, 2021 correct? It’s happening on the 2021 versions they installed last semester.

Thanks endlessfix. When I brought this up on a live feed it was sloughed off as I didn’t know what I was talking about. I’m well versed in SketchUp and know this was an issue. Glad to know it’s been fixed!

Yes. And as I said, I’ve seen it on earlier versions. For the third time, I’m not seeing it with the current version!.

I didn’t say that. I knew it was an issue, too.