Fog is no longer showing depth cue?

The 2024 version seems to have made a change to how fog is displayed in a view. Now they’ve changed things to be a kind of vignette effect, which is neat, but should be a separate tool!

I often use a white/background fog to show depth in a view, so that things far away get lighter, and I use the Eneroth Fog Tool script to control precisely how much of a model is visible. Sometimes this allows the creation of some very good documentation effects and Photoshop selections for creating a depth cue blurring effect to simulate a vide aperture photograph.

Words matter, so if vignette was to be a cool new feature SIMILAR to fog, I’d get it, but now this feels like a bug. How can I restore the true fog effect without going back to 2022? (*The 2022 version is currently my go-to because some features of 2023 just didn’t work.)

I did try flipping back to “classic” graphics engine, and that restores fog to do what fog is supposed to do, but I feel like I’ll be missing out on things like ambient occlusion and probably a lot of performance improvements. At least they have a workaround built in.

Can you show a comparison of what you were seeing before and what you are seeing now? I just did a little test and don’t see anything different in SU2024 from 2023. I tested with both the new graphics engine and the classic graphics engine in 2024.

This is 2024 with the new graphics.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 160949
Screenshot 2024-04-15 160939

Normally, the further something is away, the lighter it should be when using fog. Although some other tools add fog based on elevation above a datum and try to simulate a density of ground fog, but that is another 3D universe…

The general issue is that I do a lot of work needing 2D exports that I use to make scale views in presentations. Switching between engines requires a program restart, so it isn’t an easy option to take advantage of when I might discover that ambient occlusion and graphics performance are super useful upgrades, but then I have to keep switching back for the orthogonal views.

The workaround of just using the “classic” engine is also helpful though because it restores the more extensive right-click context menu, so an odd little discovery in whatever the programmers have done.

is that a parallel projection thing? I didn’t think fog worked there

Yes, I was trying to use fog in parallel projection. It is a normal trick to get a more rendered-like look for elevations so that things beyond are screened back to give a depth cue.

3-point perspective views do give decent results in a fog effect with default 2024 settings, but it’d be lovely if this change could be an option, or else the Fog tool remains as it was and they add this new Vignette option separate from the Fog, which would also allow both features to be used simultaneously.