Focus on object

Generaly, one object is selected.
When I switch from one point of view (i.e. top view) to an other (i.e. face view), the “point of view” is never focused on the current selected object, and never on the previous point of view position.

  1. is it possible to “save” the point of view in a specific state ?
  2. is it possible to focus automatically (i.e. with keyboard shortcut) on selected object (or group of object) ?
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Use scenes to remember specific view directions and zooms (make sure these properties are checked in the scenes window and also to update a scene after setting it to the view you want).

Double-click with the zoom tool active or double-click the middle mouse button will center the view about the place in the model where you clicked.

Thank you.
But my selected object is perhaps not in view field. I wish view being centered on it through shortcut.
For exemple, I wish to select object with its name, and then centers view on it.

What’s wrong with context clicking on it in Outliner and choosing Zoom Selection? You could create a keyboard shortcut for Zoom Selection if you need it.

Right click on the object and select Zoom Selection. And it’s Dave by a nose.

Perhaps you aren’t understanding that you can easily navigate the 3d environment with just the middle mouse wheel.
Hold down the wheel to Orbit, roll back and forward to Zoom and hold down with shift to Pan.

I’m ok for moving in 3D (rolling, zooming, and moving).
I just search a shortcut, like in “Anim8or”, like “F” key, which automatically focus on selected object even if it is out of point of view…

Set any key you want to Zoom Selection
You can add shortcuts by going to Window/Preferences/Shortcuts
Note, you may need to have something selected while doing this to make the option available. Context type shortcuts options only appear when the action is active in the model.

Ok, I have understand.
Thank you for your patience.