Flowify hasn't preserved my geometry - how do I correct this?

I used Flowify and it worked, however my railing isn’t completely how it initial looked like. I have tried to go through and correct some of the geometry however, its proving quite hard and time consuming. I can’t seem to extrude the faces to create the cut outs again. SketchUp just thinks it’s all one face. What should I do?
Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 12.28.59

The problem stems from having faces with inner loops. You can manually remove those inner loops on the source side. Here is a post fleshing it out a bit more.

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I am still a bit confused I cant seem to find the inner loop to correct it. Could you have a look at my file for me. It has seemed to do it on only a few of my faces even though the railing design is the same design copied.

Attached is a result with no inner loops. The loops were removed by cutting 100 planes along the length of the input.

While flowify is an excellent tool you should consider what it is you are trying to create and is it the best tool for the job.
If it were me I would use one component arrayed in an arc, the returns could be made easily as straight sections from the original component.
In this gif I have used a circle of 96 segments which gives you two facets on each section (basically the same as you produced with flowify), but you could easily change the 2 segments to 12 before the pushpull to make a smoother curve. One of the benefits of this method is you can easily edit one and they all change.


Thank you so much. I am not very advanced with SketchUp I am only just getting to grips with the extension. I had this same issue with my spiral staircase - would it be possible for you to look at that as well! It would be greatly appreciated!

I used the flowify extension for my spiral staircase - I am a complete novice so this is great to know! Will definitely keep that in mind next time. Thankyou!

It was when you were working on your spiral that I first thought you might be want to approach it a different way, but you were getting help with it so I left it alone. One of the great things about sketchup is the ability to do things in many different ways. Often one isn’t better than another, just the method you are more familiar with works best for you.
I’m only putting this in here as an example of how things can be done differently. Something to keep in mind for future use.