Floor Raise Error

Hello, I want to raise my floor 50 cm as shown in the links, but instead of rising, the floor only rises.

Hi @Ewan. It’s better you to share your file, not only pictures. Nevertheless, your second photo shows you are rising 150cm and it’s limited by another geometry. ¿What is your final puropose? You can push pull more than one time.
By the way please update your profile info, it says you are using Free plan but your screenshot is from SketchUp Pro.

I want to create my floor, ceiling and walls in certain spaces. So the door will be the high entrance.

yardimhelp.skp (259.6 KB)

That was your goal in the first place. So did you mean raising the whole building or the openings and floor together or what else?

Does ‘Move’-ing the floor help instead of using the ‘Push/Pull’ tool?

‘Push/Pull’ and hittng [Ctrl] once makes it create a copy of the face that can be dragged passed the limited 150 cm (look at the + sign appearing at the cursor)

I think this solved my problem. I am grateful to you for this.

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So it was as an image, but there was a gap in between. I want it to be full.

Your model isn’t well modeled, you should first go to the sketchup website learn.sketchup.com, there are free courses for beginners that will help you to understand the software and how to model properly.