Floor 400mm (metric system)

Hello! I’m learning to work with the pro-version. I’m drawing a house with a template from cad underneath. Now i’m in trouble cause i can’t put a floor under the second unit. I don’t know what i am doing wrong. Does anybody know?
thanx! The floor has to be 400mm thick en starts beneath the windows.

It’s pretty hard to give a useful answer based just on a screenshot. If you share your skp file someone here will surely help.


can you see it now???

No, it requires a sign in.



You should take the habit to work with groups and components. Your whole model has none, which will lead you to something messy at some point (well it is kind of messy already).
Could be a separate group for walls, another for floors etc.
It will make it much easier for you to modify parts of your model without interfering with the rest of it.

It is very important to be well organized !