Flickering scene, but only in perspective view

I have a rather large scene with some irritating flickering going on. Only appears in perspective mode, not in parallel projection. I’ve searched the web for a solution a couple of days now, but nothing works. There are no double faces ontop of each other (z-fighting). The model is in correct scale and pretty close to origin. There are some imported dwg files in the scene, maybe that’s the problem?

I think it’s very strange how the model behaves fine in parallel projection view but not in perspective view…

Ideas someone?



Most likely there are two faces on the same plane that are fighting to display their fills.

Everywhere in the entire model? I’ve tested to remove faces, to see if there is more than one, but there is only one face and it gets removed…

Perhaps it’s your graphics card. Without seeing your model or at least a screen shot of it flickering, it’s impossible to say for certain.

Yes maybe you’re right. I’ll try another computer then.

Showing us the flickering would do more than showing us the Parallel Projection. Or upload the SKP file.

Do your DWG lines jiggle? this can happen if the origins in your DWG blocks had been really far.

flickering as the whole screen going white or black and coming back on sounds like a graphic card issue?

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Most likely you’re experiencing a distance to axes problem described in this Skill Builder video tutorial.

Save a copy of the file and try the solution recommended in the vid.
Here’s the extension mentioned in the video:

Axes Tools by ThomThom — Extension Warehouse
Bulk reset of group and component’s axes.