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All my career, the point has been on the hinge side. Same symbol for casement, awning, and hopper windows.

old aussie term there 'spazzing out" – I doubt if its PC any more :slight_smile:

In Oz the hinges are on the opposite side {not the point) graphically I have always thought this visually correct as a shape generally needs two hinge points to rotate… was surprised the convention is different in other countries


I never knew that either.

At least where I come from…


I think you’ll need to cater for both arrangements in Flex! In the UK and the US, the arrow points to the hinge. As others have mentioned, in Europe and Australia the arrow points to the opening. Other countries will also vary.

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We’ve had a lot of requests to solve the timeless problem of having doors both open in plan and closed in elevation at the same time, so you wouldn’t need to go back and forth opening and closing doors when switching between your views.

It took us a lot more work and time than expected, but it’s finally here.

You can now create instant plans and elevations from your 3D models with just a few clicks!
You can also make quick changes directly in plan and elevation views.

See more in the blog: https://flextools.cc/blog/

FlexTools - 3D-elevation-plan

There are a lot more improvements in this update. See them all in the release notes: https://flextools.cc/release-notes/.

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I haven’t seen this mentioned. When I try to replace the FlexTools Door with a PCMoor panel door (as suggested), when resizing the door width in Components Options, the whole FlexTools door moves away from its origin. If I try to move the FlexTools Door back to its origin, it immediately jumps back to the shifted location.
Anybody else have this issue? Anyone know a solution?

This sounds like a dynamic components bug where sub-components start jumping around for no apparent reason. Try to undo a few times and then try again.

If it still doesn’t work, save the model. Close and open sketchup. Select the door component and hit the refresh button - the flying sub-components should jump back into place and you could try inserting the pcmoor panel again.

If you’re still having problems, send me the model to: Contact – FlexTools

I was able to accomplish the door panel replacement. Thanks for the tips!


SketchUp 2022 is here and so is a new FlexTools update!

See what’s new:

Sketchup 2022 + FlexTools

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Hi, does FlexTools come with a library of doors and windows?

A library would be great, with some “standard” windows and doors that could easily be modified. Especially if casings (interior and exterior) would be included with them.

I have thought about trying this myself (creating a library) but I’m not an expert with FlexTools and I’d probably miss some obvious way to do things better.

FlexTools has with each type of door and window tool, a dynamic component that is pretty basic and relatively low poly that can be adjusted and configured in a lot of ways like size and number of lites. You can also create and use your own components for doors and windows for use with their cutting tools.

That said, what they provide is in metric units, not imperial, so for US users the default values aren’t helpful. It’s probably possible to save your own default settings, but it’s not obvious and I haven’t figured that out.

Also, the windows and doors lend themselves to “punched” openings in masonry walls without casing or trim, which might be common in Europe, but not in the US where commonly (but not always) there are interior and exterior trim and casing. The tools are designed to deal with them though. You have to edit the window components and tell FlexTools to exclude the trim or casing from the cutting action. The tools are almost always demonstrated by using the SketchUp scale tool to resize doors and windows, but I find that working method 99% useless, at least when casing and trim are involved.

I’m currently using the relatively new Glass Door tool. Although there was a learning curve–Flextools is definitely very fussy, I’m assuming there’s many factors contributing to this. Thanks for doing your best with Ruby and the API. SO, door sill auto-length is an issue–it doesn’t always auto resize to the total length of a fixed panel and a door. As a result, my door sill aka threshold sits under the door only and the fixed panel doesn’t have one underneath. Furthermore, there is no setting to change the door sill length, I’d like to request an option to change that.

But above all–it’s pretty feature rich at this point especially with the beloved multi-cut–we need it to just work better out of the box and I think that working with Sketchup would be necessary to upgrade this tool that has great potential. We all need multi-cut :+1:

I’ve mentioned this before, but casement windows are really basic and there needs to be a way to have two full casements on either side of a mullion.

Thanks Yoni.

FlexTools comes with its set of flex components, which can each be customized, and you can then quickly save the components aside for later use with Component Finder - We updated the component finder help page today! so maybe things will be clearer. If you have any questions on how to save components I’ll be glad to help out.

We recently added an example collection of glass doors. The collection was created from the same door component by changing a few settings for each:

If anyone has created a collection of flex components in Imperial units that you would like to share, we’ll be glad to post it up on the site and on the 3D warehouse page:

We’ve been wanting to add interior and exterior casing components that will work automatically with all the doors and windows, but it’s been delayed for quite some time. We understand the importance - it will happen eventually.

Hi Mitch,

Please send an example image or skp on how you expect the door sill to work and which length you would like to be able to specify.

We are working on an update for the wall cutting feature. If there is something specific that you need to work better, let me know.

For a mullion between two casements, something like this?

I’m working on it now specifically for the double casement window. I’m aware there is also a need for multiple (3,4…) casements or double hung windows with mullions between them. That’s a bit more tricky to do now but it’s on the list.

Noticing that when I unlock a window/door to re-scale to a different size–immediately when I unlock it my cuts fold and I’m left with no cuts.

What are some common ways to get the window working again? It doesn’t just happen when unlocking, but in this case, it happens everytime.


Is there any cases where grouping flextool combination components with other components in a component cause wall cutter to fail? I believe I am experiencing this, but cannot be certain. On separate occasions I’ve left my flextools stuff un-grouped (read un-componentized) since I haven’t been able to get the walls to stay cut. Anyone have any advice on this?

I’ve struggled with live cuts getting broken, and I don’t always know why. You could go back up this thread and my questions and @Yoni’s answer right after it: