Flattening models for cnc production

Tebo wine rack1.skp (2.5 MB) I need to make this on my cnc router, but I do not know how to go from here to dxf. This is a model that I purchased from 3DSHouse dynamic components, and I modified it to fit inside a cabinet.

First, what version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your forum profile?

Clean up the file.
Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 3_52_08 PM

Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 3_52_25 PM

What software are you using for your CNC router? Some will import SketchUp files directly.

Are these the kinds of dimensions you want from your model?
Screenshot - 11_8_2023 , 4_18_00 PM

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2023 pro. Honestly, I was having trouble drawing the lattice work for the interior of the model, so I purchased one which I thought would streamline the process. My goal is to flatten the geometry to make dxfs for vcarve pro version 11.

I’m thinking you aren’t going to want to use that model as it is. The first thing would be to sort out the dimensions. Once you’ve got the components right, you should be able to import the saved .skp file into VCarve Pro directly.

What are you planning to make this thing from?

The dimensions of the outer box are exactly what I need. My goal is to cut the interior lattice from white oak ply, interlocking like a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t want many small pieces that I have to hand assemble I just really struggled with trying to draw my own lattice work inside the given perimeter

So exactly 27-7/64 in. tall?

What is the actual thickness of the white oak ply? Are you planning to use the same ply for the case?

I don’t think you want the model you bought then because the lattice is made up of short segments so that it is adjustable as a dynamic component.

Let me see if I can make something more usable for you.

Is this the sort of construction you want with halving joints between the dividers? This is probably not exactly right because the plywood you’re using is probably not exactly 3/4 in. thick. I had to assume something for the thickness to make the example, though.

If it were my project I would probably adjust the interior height of the case to suit the grid exactly. I followed the model you shared and just tweaked the heigh by 1/64th in.

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Sorry that’s supposed to be 27.125"

The ply is very close to .75" Thank you for the model that’s exactly the way i’m looking to part out the interior. Unfortunately this is a slide in unit for an existing cabinet, so I wasnt able to design the way I like.

Tebo wine rack1 purge.skp (637.0 KB)

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I cant thank you enough for this. Thats really cool of you to do

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