Fixing scripts/plugins made in 2013 in 2014

we have a pipe tool plugin we’ve made in house which works in 2013 and previous versions of sketchup. since the 2014 change over we’ve not been able to use the pipe tool we’ve created. any help in modifying the script would be very much appreciated.


Ruby1_92_0 breaking changes.pdf (146.0 KB)

Here’s a list of things look for when upgrading compatibility.


Additionally you can look at any migration articles for changes between Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 2.0. The SketchUp API didn’t change much with the exception of the Set class which was moved to Sketchup::Set and deprecated.

If you have specifies errors you find hard to resolve you can post the error messages here and we can see if we can get a hint at what needs to be done.