Convert Sketchup 8 extension script to Sketchup 2021+


How easy would it be to make a Sketchup version 8 extension/script work with newer versions of Sketchup?
Is there anything out there that could convert it or is it something that would need painstakingly rewriting to work?


I use an extension that was made for SketchUp version 4. So depending on what the extension does, it might run without problems. If it doesn’t, the only way would be to correct the script while knowing what you are doing. There are no automatic options. Does the script you try to use crash SketchUp?

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The fastest way to find out is to try it and see what happens. Be sure to open the Ruby Console first so you can see any error messages. Many old extensions will still work just fine, but ones that run afoul of syntax changes in newer versions of Ruby or changes in the SketchUp Ruby api would have to be reworked. Sometimes that’s easy but sometimes it is subtle.

If you are fluent with Ruby and the api you can probably fix it yourself. But otherwise you could tell us what specific extension causes a problem and folks here can look into it.

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