Import plugins from SU 2014 to SU 2017?

How can I import my plugins such as twilight render, keyfram animation and axis tools from my SU2014 to SU2017?

Because each release of SketchUp introduces changes that may potentially break plugins, the safe practice is to download and install fresh copies from the source(s).

Thanks, but does that mean i have to pay again?

Possibly, if the plugin has a new version since you paid for your current ones. Check with the author’s website, or the licence terms. But as Steve says, sometimes the old plugin won’t work properly or at all with later versions of SU. Or can crash SU.

You could try using the old version(s), but at your own risk.

OK thanks

Try adding them one at a time, then test thoroughly, before adding the next. There were quite big changes in the Ruby language versions between the release of SU 2014 and 2017.

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