Fix short edges: I'd like to, but the shape won't allow it

So the Solid Inspector suggests that I fix a short edge, which I would love to do, but the one in question cuts across two lines in the rear section of my fuselage and therefore kind of needs to remain short. The problem is that I think I cannot intersect any parts if there is a short edge in the model…right? What could Oscar v11.skp (1.6 MB)

I do now?

The short edge is below the yellow square. These are really short edges that humans cannot see (except as a blue pixel when selected). It is hard to get rid of them, I think we need an automated tool for that because it is frustrating if SketchUp geometry failed to properly intersect/explode (or when editing scaled components) and suddenly you have 100 short edges.

Usually it is still a solid and printable, but not a proper solid and SketchUp’s Solid Tools stay disabled.

A trick is to drag one vertex away (left or right) so that the edge is longer, and then drag it back so that it snaps on the other vertex and collapses the short edge into Nirvana.