Fix my virus affected skp file

i have modelled this file for 2 days then virus afftcted my device and my file got affected and since then i have tried to open it in many other devices but it is not recovering. please help me to fix this issue and recover my skp file asap.AutoSave_RAHUL DEVKAR FINAL MODEL.skp (1.5 MB)

Are you sure you want to ask other people to download (and risk to open) a file that you suspect that it is malicious?

It could however be worth to savely scan the file using e.g. virustotal. Maybe your first diagnosis is true and actually something else is wrong with the file (corrupted through incorrect saving etc.).

Do you have backups? Think of a backup strategy if your files are valuable to you. Today is the day to start with it.

Virustotal was able to directly load the file from the forum and 0 of 69 scanners detected anything malicious.