Fix FBX export which is losing component origins

As explained here, when you export to a FBX file, all components lose their origin.
We need that to properly use within our games.

To keep the relative origin intact, make sure all components share the same origin. For instance all components have their axis at 0,0,0.

Or, you could just have one (or more) main wrapper component with its origin (axis) at 0,0,0 and the rest of your scene (groups/components) nested in that wrapper-component. This is what I normally do and the nested objects will be exported with a relative coordinate to 0,0,0.

When importing the fbx(s) in Unreal for instance, just make sure the objects are inserted at 0,0,0 and all is fine.

Its just a workaround though that is good for static objects. If you have a door with hinges and a handle and all must be able to rotate you have to disassemble the elements and move them so their rotation axis align with 0,0,0 and re-assemble the elements in Unreal again.