Exporting component instances to FBX pivot at 0,0,0

I am exporting some instances to FBX, but their pivot is the same at 0,0,0. Mesh data is in world space.
How can I make it so it exports the actual instance positions ?
Testing: make some component, make 3 instances and place them around the world, export to FBX, check Translation in the FBX text file, its zero for me.

The trick for keeping the relative position for elements when exporting to fbx is to wrap 1 container around all of them together. So: select all 3 instances, and put them into 1 new wrapper component.

I use this trick all the time when exporting projects as fbx to Unreal. All my groups of the context are in 1 container (component with xyz axis at 0,0,0) and all the groups/components of the design of a house in another container (another component with xyz axis at 0,0,0).

ok, thanks for the hint, I will try to do that in script, automatically in a temporary group.

I’m afraid it won’t work (well) if you make a temporary group but you can try.

The location of the instances are relative to the wrapper. If a wrapper group changes in size, so might the relative positions of the instances. The only way to be absolutely sure the relative positions are always the same is to make a wrapper component around the instances AND use the same fixed position (for instance 0,0,0) for the axes of the wrapper component. That way your instances always have the same relative position to the fixed position.

SketchUp API and UI is one of the most peculiar pieces I worked with in 20 years :))