Fish-eye projection of sketchup model

We are a museum with an all digital planetarium (4k resolution). Any content in a fish-eye projection can be played.In this particular system slicing is done on the fly, so the PC simply detects a 4068x4068 external monitor. Any content playing on that “monitor”, shows on the planetarium screen, which is generated by 8 HD LCD projectors.

What I would like to explore is displaying sketchup models on the planetarium dome. For this the model needs to be displayed in fish-eye projection. In principle, being able to change the field of view to 180 degrees would be enough (although corners would be cut of), but the current software does not allow this.

Does anyone know of a plugin that enables this, or is this something that can be easily implemented? Taken the fact that FOV is changeable but is being limited to a certain number, my hunch would be to simply expanding this limit is the easiest solution.

Do you need a live view in SU for this or an exported image with that FOV?
There are plugins to export cube faces which you can convert to an equirectangular projection e.g.

I don’t know if this will do what you need or not, but you can give it a try…

An undocumented feature that allows real-time information about the camera position and view size.

Window > Ruby Console > (type) Sketchup.send_action 10624 > Press Enter

Developer Docs

Perhaps @DanRathbun would lend his expertise here.

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Live is the key here. I want to be able to “walk” through the model in a 360 environment. A still image would be better then nothing, but for me the holy grail is walking though the model.