First year in 12 I won't be teaching SketchUp

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Yes, people will complain about free stuff, we’ve seen it here and you’ll not see me defend them. I never said to not take cost into business decisions, if I alluded to this then I did not mean to. I just have a different take than others as I have almost always worked for large companies that software costs are NOT the big ticket items, again users are all different.
Agree to disagree good sir


I Agree completely with Nick and all the ketchup communities that grew from the first versions of Sketchup FREE versions FREE plug-ins (even if some are so good that I am willing to pay)
Sketchup 2019 is nothing more than Sketchup 2018 + a bill.
The google goal has been lost since Trimble ones Sketchup.
No more new powerfull functions BUT SIMPLE that where the key to success, no speed or bug corrections, terrible support, google maps replaced by a bad satellite and geographic tool…
And can cary on on and on…
The community might disappear, Buyers to.
I realy hope tha skecthup developement team wil react, and invite all sketchup users to request that trimble changes it’s business plans : Better have plenty users paying a litte amount for a license than very little users paying an expensive amout.

I hope the trimble reads these messages and will at least reply to “our” request

I think online version is a complete utter miss. Something that the HR department industrious mind would come up with. As far as the cost is concerned what other ‘free’ software your students chose to use besides blender? I must say that SK without plugins is pretty much unusable. I, too, have introduced design students to the 3D digital world with SketchUp. In addition to physical modelling that they executed in the wood and metal shop, they have used SK for 3d printing and laser cutting as well as checking the accuracy of their design. Trimble or previously Google was lucky that SketchUp userbase is large and generous despite few expensive plugin solutions.


Blender and SketchUp do not compare. Two different animals, thus it would be unfair primarily to SK. However modeling in Blender - once you grasp, is extremely efficient and intuitive especially polygonal modeling. Blender has free and paid plugins (similar range to SK plugins) that make it a killer in comparison to Maya, StudioMax or Cinema 4D

Yes its certainly catching up with overpriced Autodesk (Alias). There are many people now using Blender at Volvo and I know several other well known OEM’s using it as a main tool.

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And yet SketchUp is

Seems a fair comparison to me and a few others here.

Intuitive absolutely. Efficient not so much, I beg to differ here. Let’s just say that holes (2-5mm) in the closed geometry for which you need 2-3 plugins to repair plus a hand repair or even remake the whole form does not count in as friendly and efficient.

LOL, OK have a good day.

It’s literally true: For the first time since 2014, I’m not teaching SketchUp at my usual gig. I was scheduled to, but shortly after telling me I had to teach it remotely (not too bad, as I’ve already been recording video lessons in previous years), I was then told, never mind, we’re canceling the spring after school classes. Now I’m told we’re not coming back for next fall either, so that may be the end of it there. I did an intro to SketchUp webinar for my maker space, but I think they may be gravitating more toward Blender. I’m just reporting what’s happened around me.


Hello, same here, we used Sketchup because it did not create any segregation among the students. For years it has been the tool we used in the architectural basic design studio, but now, we are switching to Blender. The problem with Sketchup Make 2017 is: I cannot teach students something that lacks any support and might not be there in a year! So, Blender it is for now.

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Interesting though I think “might not be there in a year” is an exaggeration. Blender for basic design studio seems like a steep learning curve when you’re not teaching computer science but design (half joke). What about pencils and markers?

Not trying to be argumentative but “lacks any support” doesn’t seem fair either. We see SketchUp team members addressing issues on this forum daily, not to mention real help from other users.

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I agree with this. It’s a shame that Make 17 has not been upgraded but it still works for now and is FAR easier to grasp than Blender, imo.

You me if they had of fixed the bugs never mind upgrading?

Thank you so much for this… You have articulated exactly what the problem is here… a poor business decision. Can you suggest another software for a very basic Sketchup user (all be it for over 10 years) that would be easily transitioned to…


And crickets…

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@BillHebner1, @Jim-Tzu
It may be unlikely that seanoskea will be replying as he may have not only stopped teaching SU as he indicated in his OP would be the case, but perhaps he has stopped coming to this forum also. He’s not been “seen,” according to his profile, since September of 2019 - just a short couple of months after that OP.

It is what it is. I absolutely wish I was talented enough to actually teach SketchUp much less be in the position to switch curriculum of the students I would be teaching. But 2 years later the SketchUp business model keeps growing and those of us that appreciate the tool for what it is and where & how it continues to grow to improve it’s product to those of us who absolutely love it should be a indication that the product is going int he right direction. For those that post topics like this? To me it’s just sour grapes. But that’s my opinion and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it…nothing…