First Play with Twinmotion Video

Good Evening

I’ve been having more of a play with Twinmotion 2019, and the Video feature. This is my first attempt, using the Sketchup Model from a current project.

The landscaping could do with more work, both in Sketchup and Twinmotion, but I’m impressed with how easy it is to quickly generate a video.

The basic video was created in Twinmotion and then edited in iMovie. Obviously I’m no Steven Spielberg.



I’m not sure why your dropbox file can’t be inserted. The name has spaces in it, but that shouldn’t matter.

Here’s a test with no spaces in the name:

Off topic for a moment, but it would be interesting if you did a post some time on how much benefit eGPU has with SketchUp.

Hi @colin

Apologies for the late reply.

I don’t think the eGPU can be used with Sketchup. To tell different applications to use the eGPU on a Mac, you have to Right Click on the Application, then select ‘Get Info’. In the dialogue that appears, the is an option to ‘Prefer eGPU’, but only if the application can use it.

For Sketchup Pro, this option is not available. I was rather hoping it would be, especially for Layout, but it’s not.

Maybe this is something that will change in the future.

The main reason I got it was to use with Twinmotion, which it works great with.


Have you seen that you can set all apps to use the eGPU? You drag the menubar from the internal display to the external display, in Displays/Arrangement. See half way down this page:

It’s probably because I’m only using the Internal iMac Display and I don’t have an External Display connected.


If you bought TM2019, you are in for a treat, and have some Xtra budget for an external display😃

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Hi @MikeWayzovski

Yeah, I saw this and have been on the Epic website. Downloaded their version and its works fine so far.

I ready the bit about refunds etc, and need to check this out, as it seemed to say that not only will I get the new Version in November 2019 free, I will also get a refund for the one I have purchased.

I keep re-reading this;

"Customers who purchased Twinmotion prior to May 13, 2019 will be provided a free upgrade to the next paid version of Twinmotion released by Epic (anticipated around November 2019).

In addition, Epic will refund previous purchases of Twinmotion (or the maintenance and support agreement provided by Abvent) made by end users of Twinmotion in 2019. Please request a refund by providing a receipt of your purchase prior to August 31, 2019. Refund requests can be submitted on our support site."

… and either I’m being completely thick, or I’ll get both a refund and a free upgrade?


PS And if that’s the case, I’ll need a bigger desk for the extra screen :crazy_face:

You’re right. If you have purchased this year before May 13, you’ll get a refund + a free upgrade to the next paid version.

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