Finding the best contrasting color for an image - can this be automated?

In my workflow, I often use downloaded images under floorplans etc. To emphasise certain objects, I by trial and error pick contrasting colors for objects. I was wondering if there is an extension for this, or maybe an online tool that can analyse images and find the best contrasting color for it?

What I also sometimes do is ask Copilot to analyse the image and give me a couple of rgb codes to try.

Assuming you don’t have color-blindness, then the concept of complimentary & contrasting colors should help…


There are many resources, your brain and a little thought avoids using plugins or AI…


You can generate a random palette or enter/lock one or more colours and then generate complementary colours.

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Thank you Tig, but not really what I am after (although I am a little bit colour blind). I am looking for a way to analyse an entire image with multiple colors and seek the best color to catch someones attention.

Thanks Paul, this looks promising, nice find! It creates a pallet based on an image and provides an option to output a contrasting color palet. Unfortunately that last function is behind a subscription fee.

Is still free, I think. It also can extract main colors from images.

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That’s it, thank you Mike!

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