Finding name of discontinued IKEA product


Does anyone know how to find the name of a discontinued IKEA product? I have some IKEA chairs at home and am curious to know their name. The ID number 18199 is printed underneath the chair but I can’t find a name. Nowadays Google include results that doesn’t include all search terms which often makes googling for specific terms impossible. I’ve only found one page related to chair on the whole interweb and it still doesn’t have a name :confused: .


There is the name :slight_smile:




How did you find it? I didn’t know searches worked on WaybackMachine.


I did not use the search. It first I checked auction’s year on OXL, and then I watched few chairs on WaybackMachine’s copied website. This took me approximately 5 minutes :slight_smile:


There’s a new option in Tools to search Google “verbatim” with the terms as you wrote them. I’m not clear on whether this still applies search modifiers if you use them as terms, but it still seems to get me what I want more often than Google’s regular search.


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And after 7 months I’ve finally gotten around to model the chair!

537 polygons in total.



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@Shep, I think we’re approaching the line of hijacking the conversation, so I won’t add anything more except I think it’s worth more discussion in it’s own thread. And I won’t be the one to start that topic since I have only minor curiosity - not enough to go to the effort.


It’s quite handy. If you need a thread re-opened because you have more information to add to it, just send a PM. I’ve already unlocked a few threads, including an extension developer’s own extension thread so they could write about the update in the same thread.


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