Finding hidden groups


Maybe a silly question but when I have Outliner up and all groups colapsed I don’t know which groups have hidden objects. I have been expanding each group to look for a hidden group. Seems to me there should be some way of displaying all hidden objects?


View>Hidden Geometry. The hidden entities will show as a mesh in the main modeling window.


Thanks Dave, I knew about that feature. Problem is that the object has to be in sight. If you have something that is not in plain sight you wont see the xxxx.


Then you have to expand the nested components/groups in the Outliner.

Maybe a good idea to look at how much nesting you’re doing. Could it be there’s excessive nesting?

You could use Layers to control the visibility of groups/components instead of Hide. Then you only need to turn on the appropriate layer.


Outliner > Details > Expand All
Type the name of the Group or Component in the Filter field




Thanks Geo,
Maybe its time for me to learn to write an extension…lol