Filling in wavy shape

I’m trying to fill in this shape but seem to be struggling!

If anyone can help me how to that would be brill.

Help.skp (141.7 KB)

I’ve attached the file in SketchUp 2015.

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It appears that the edge profiles you show are identical on opposite edges. If this is correct, you could select an edge and move a copy along the perpendicular edge to the first segment endpoint. Repeat until you reach the other side. Fill in by repeating with the perpendicular edge to create a quad mesh.

A more automated way (which would also work if the edge profiles aren’t identical) would be to use something like Fredo’s curviloft.

Hello! Here’s a great plugin that can help you fill this kind of complex geometries - Soap Skin & Bubble. You can control the division numbers and later smooth your geometry.

Alternatively you can also use the Curviloft plugin from the SketchUcation website (you need to sign up to be able to download it).

If your wavy shape can be defined parametrically in terms of U and V, you can use the U-V Polygen plugin. For example, the following shape was created with the parameters:

-PI <= u <= PI
-PI <= v <= PI

x = u
y = v
z = -0.2 * (sin(u) + sin(v))

This was then scaled to 3000mm using the Tape Measure tool.

wavy_shape.skp (834.2 KB)

Note: This plugin currently works using inch units … it will work with other units as well, but the scaling will be off.

To round out the options, here is TIG’s Extrude Tools :slight_smile:

  • used Fredo’s Polyline Segmentor feature (Bezier Spline Tools) to make equal segmented rails allowing for efficient mesh generation


Such a shame that SketchUp limits you to so few choices :wink:

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Where do the faces come from?