Filling holes in complicated surfaces

I have a complicated surface with a complicated hole in it. I need to find a way to fill it in, without having to manually draw all the geometry required.

Is there an extension that anyone is aware of that will do this? I’ve been browsing the extension warehouse, so far unsuccessfully, and was hoping that someone in the community knew of something that could do this.


Try checking to see if the hole edges lie in the horizontal plane. If so, you can try connecting random points and the face should start fill. This can be laborious for some reason. If the edges are not in plane I know of no solution.

Hi Gary,

Almost none of the points are coplanar; Each one is at a different elevation.

I’m having some success with Curviloft, which will create a surface from chosen edges, but I still have to break it up into smaller pieces, because it can’t fill everything at once. I guess that’s still faster than drawing line by line!