Fill in missing face?

In the image attached you can see a shape I am working on. I created a rounded rectangle the size of a board I want to make a case for. I then offset that path to build a wall around it. I originally ran into an issue when trying to raise the wall higher than the pegs you see I made on the inside. The error was mentioning an “offset limit”
I ended up raising everything to the desired height and lowering just the pegs after.

Now however, there is a face missing where I moved the peg down. Can this be filled in?

The face can be filled in, attaching your model would help us determine what the issue is.
Meanwhile this is a quick version of how it might be done.

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Thank you for the super detailed answer. I’ll need to go back and rework how I made the model originally. I had done something very similar originally, although I offset outward rather than inward (wondering if that will have an effect but I will report back if so).

I was also able to see some tricks in what you did that look helpful, thank you!

@Box Thanks again. I tried to take a shot again, but ran into similar issues. I think the issue might be related to how the shape is offset-in in your example rather than out when I am trying, for measuring purposes.

The outside ring, cannot become taller than the original inside shape.
ESP32 DoIt DevKit v1 - Case.skp (242.8 KB)
File included.

I’m not sure I know what you mean by “the outside ring” and “the original inside shape”. I can pushpull both the top face of the outer case (is that the outside ring?) and the tops of the inner corner fillers. Maybe you could annotate your image to point out what you mean?

Note: due to an issue the forum is having with some animated gifs, I had to resort to a .mov file, You will need to click on it to play it. Also, for some reason the animation doesn’t initially show the right cursor. The pushpull tool was active but it looks like an arrow!

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Sorry for not being more clear, that was unnecessarily ambiguous. However, once I reloaded the shape to annotate it, I realized I could now push and pull up, where before I was getting an offset limit error. There seems to be no problem anymore. Thank you!

I had a suspicion I should worry about the color… Thank you for pointing this out! Im going to give this another shot based on your info.

Everyone here is super helpful.

** images wrapped in code blocks because new users can only embed 1**

@DaveR Can you tell me how to do this procedure correctly? I think this is producing problems for me.

I am starting here with the basic shape of the circuit board I want to house:

Now, I want there to be 2mm thick walls around the edge of where the board will be:

Of course now, the bottom needs depth so you raise both of these faces up 2mm. But I guess this is incorrect based on the coloring

Now I understand what you said earlier about extruding before outlining the sides of the box, but the problem I am having is, I am starting with the measurements of the item, and attempting to build out from there.

It seems I would need to know the final outside dimensions first, extrude, and then use the offset to bring the line inward to the size of the board.

Attempt 2

This was done by first making the shape of the board and offsetting out by 2mm just like last time.

Then I erased the inside face, the original shape, before extruding up. I then offset in the opposite direction (inward) to get back the original shape outline.
This appears to work but feels inaccurate and wrong.

Please don’t do that, they are not accessible.
You should have enough ‘status’ now to just drag and drop images into your posts. The 1 image limit is only very short.

I can’t see your images but from the description it sounds like you are making problems for yourself by the method.

I edited the post to make the images show up.

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There are always many ways to achieve the same thing. The trick is to find one that works for you with the least effort and cleanup.
Here I weld the curve at the corners to save me the trouble of needing to delete the edges that they would create when pping. Thus allowing me a simple double click and delete on the bottom to remove the inner faces.


Ahh excellent thank you, I had tried this but was worried I was potentially creating problems for myself. I think that will get me where I need to be. Thank you!