3D offset missing faces

I’m trying to 3D offset this rounded box, but I’m having trouble with it. Please help!

Help.skp (757.9 KB)

Perhaps you are running into SketchUp’s inability to directly create very short edges. Try using the “Dave” method: Turn the geometry into a Component (if it is not already). Create a copy of the component off to the side a bit. Scale the copy up by 100X or so. Open and edit the geometry in that large copy. The original-size (small) copy of the component will reflect the edits. When done, simply close and delete the large copy.

I already tried scaling it up 100x, but it didn’t work.
I’m using the 3D offset tool by Wisext.

I usually scale up by 1000.

By what method are you trying to thicken the surface? I used Joint Push/Pull with no problems at all. And no scaling up.
Help.skp (853.5 KB)

Can you clarify what ‘didn’t work’ means? For example what happens if you try drawing new edges across the gaps in the rounded corner that you showed in the closeup screenshot? Do the edges not form at all? Or do they appear OK initially, but get deleted when saving the .SKP file (along with a verification error dialog)?

I’m using 3D Offset.

I scaled it 1000x and got an even weirder error. The box made a sphere with missing faces.

I’ll try joint push pull… Thank you!

It still had missing faces. Not to mention, the seemingly straight lines were actually barely off-axis.

I tried Joint Push/Pull and it worked! Thank you!

Solid interior geometry:


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