Fill in/heal terrain, than create consistent quad or triangular mesh?

Hey everyone! I’m trying to heal this terrain together, you can see the grey area is the area I’ve healed and added using soap skin bubble and profile builder smart edge selector to quickly select edges of area I wanted a soap skin onto… Now it is merged together, however I cannot seem to figure out how to merge all of the mesh together so that it has a consistent geometrical mesh to it. I have two questions.

1: What is the fastest way using a plugin or not to turn an entire mesh and convert it to quad faces from triangular faces, or the other way around from quad to triangles?

2: Is there any tool or plugin to merge these meshes together to get consistency in the mesh either to all quads or all triangles. Is it best to just delete the mesh, keep the lines and geenrate a mesh from there? I’ve tried that and the shape changes quite a bit from what I’ve modelled on the mesh using the artisan plugin. The other problem with deleting the mesh is when I regenerate I lose a lot of the work I did in between the edges, it never looks the same.

@mihai.s , or anyone else of course… Any suggestions?

Ok mihai! That is it, that’s awesome, it recreates a new mesh, that’s exactly what I was wanting to do. It basically drapes a new mesh that is in a group onto the existing mesh group and keeps them seperate… Here’s the problem now, any reccomendations for getting the mesh to create for the entire permieter? You can see it’s not completely filled in from the photo.

Also, is there any plugin that will just merge and join all gemoetry to still look simliar but have more consistent triangles or quads, basically a tool that modifies my mesh very little but cleans up all the random gemoetry??

For better results, it’s probably retopology in Rhino, and then reimport to SketchUp

Shoot, okay so there is no good way to do this in sketchup? I might have some ideas right now I’m trying…

Thanks for the thoughts.

You could try the following

  • Use ContourMaker (by TIG) to create iso contours from your surface
  • Use TopoShaper to regenerate the terrain as a quadmesh
  • You may have to trim the terrain to your particular perimeter.


PS: When I see the lesson in Rhino, I wonder why some users are complaining about performance of Sketchup. SU is as fast or faster, and I think more user friendly.


Thanks Fredo!! The problem with recreating with topo shaper is that it will change the edits I’ve made inside of the surface, the mesh when recreated with topo shaper will look fairly different than the one that I have made… One thing I’m trying to think of, is a way that I can wrap a mesh with a new grid of clean proportioned boxes, just like the tutorial video mihai left of the 1st video at the top of the page. The video at the top the first one mihai left is exactly what I want to do because than my mesh will stay the same as I’ve edited it with cleaner geometry. I’m just trying to figure out how to close the edges I showed in the next photo. I think I should extend the lines as you’re mentioning to get my results and than cut off the remaining perimeter? Extending the lines is hard enough though, you can’t easily offset non coplanar lines, I’ve seen some ideas from this video but yea, this is a tough one the offsetting part… All of this seems very manual and perhaps a bit slow… Thanks for your input.

3D model > terrain2quad.skp (1.6 MB)

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That is so cool! I learned all of this today while you were resonding with this file here it looks like. We are definitely on the same page for this. I actually really enjoyed learning this! Thanks so much. Looks like you’ve created an awsome tutorial file, you should rename the jpp to joint push pull so everyone understands it and yea, this is a great resource you made. Fun!! Thanks Mihai!! Cheers.