Fill an area using the Offset Tool

Hello. I use Layout for landscape design projects. Often I need to create a soldier course (brick and mortar border) around a driveway or walkway. Using the Offset tool is a great way to create the look I need, but when I go to ‘fill’ this area with a pattern and color, the entire space is filled and not just the area between the original design and the offset area. Any suggestions?

If this can be in the background, make the inside rectangle white and place over your patterned outside rectangle. Or draw an actual doughnut shape for the fill. I’m afraid though that for the soldier course border you should make rectangles for the border only (use your offset rectangles as a guide), for each side, since the brick pattern orientation should be different according to the orientation of each side. If you fill a doughnut shape with all the same pattern it won’t look “soldier” on all sides.

OMG! Thank you for this! It works like a charm! I had the idea of using white fill, but I couldn’t quite get there. You have saved me hours of work. Thanks so much for your input and insight.