How do you use the offset tool when your room shape isn't a straight forward rectangle?

I have a beginners question. I’m need to create a 2d floor plan from a jpeg. The buildings external walls are not a straight forward rectangle. The corner degrees vary. Once I’ve drawn each wall in with the pencil tool, and connected the shape. I can’t seem to use the offset tool to create the outside external walls. Does anyone know how to make this work. Or the best way to create the external walls?
Thanks for your help.

The Offset tool works on non-rectangular shapes. It would be helpful to see exactly what you are working with and what is failing for you. Can you share the .skp file?

A common problem is joining lines that are not actually coplanar. If they are, a surface will be created. Once you have a surface, you can simply click on that to select it and then use the offset tool. It will work for any shape however irregular, though you do have be careful with small scale things. Just as laws of physics break down when you get to the very small, so does Sketchup.

Thanks for your advice. I persevered after you let me know my endeavours weren’t in vain and achieved the desired outcome. Appreciate your guidance.

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Thanks for your help. Grateful to know this community exists as I embark on learning SketchUp.

It’s a fantastic resource.

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