Files with TLF extension

Hello All, I am very new to sketchup. I use it for a hobby but a friend of mine has a cnc and his software is lacking in many features that sketchup has. The cnc is made by masterwood and the files used to control it have a .tlf extension. Is there a way in which sketchup might be used to control it ? Any help would be very welcome.

Is the file extension TLF or TIF? There’s a big difference.

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As best as I can determine, the TLF files are saved internally by Masterwork/Masterwood. However, their software manual indicates that you can import a DXF file (which can be exported from SketchUp):

Thank you both for the quick replies. All I need is a thread to allow me to do more. The extension if definitely .tlf. I will try the DXF approach and will post back any results. Thanks again.

Managed to import DXF file but found difficulty in importing to work area. When I tried to machine (route) the pieces I found the segments were too small so I went back to sketchup and DIVIDED each segment by 360. Still having problems importing to working area and can’t select any segment for machining. Any thoughts ? Thanks.