File Save As - No Choice of Target Folder?


I have just upgraded to Pro 2015 on my Mac. I don’t seem to be able to select a specific folder to save my file to other than a list of recently used folders which is pretty useless. Am I being stupid here or is this a ‘new feature’?


It works the same as before for me…
‘Save As’ starts at the ‘Last Used’ folder. ‘Save a Copy’ starts at active models folder…
If you have your ‘Finder’ sidebar showing, you should be able to change folders from there…

Click the gif if it’s not running…



command-shift-g in that window (for “go”), and type the path.


Thanks Barry and John, but I have just realised that I have been an absolute numskull. The default in 2015 does not use the dropdown next to the ‘Save As’ box. Of course when you use the drop down you can easily choose whatever target folder you like. My only excuse is that in all the years of using quite a bit of different software on my mac the default seems to be with the drop down activated.
Thanks again for your speedy and helpful response.