>File >Revert command causes temporary block of any Selection tool action(s)


Ran across something interesting, which I can repeat across different .skp files.

After opening a file and doing some edits. If I use the ‘revert’ command, I’m no longer able to select anything after the command has completed it’s job. . . I Can’t directly click on things, or draw a selection box around them.

BUT,… If I try some other tool, or even just press the ‘space bar’ down on my keyboard… that seems to reset SketchUp and the selection tool gets reactivated once again… with no noticeable issues thereafter.

Figured I’d mention this to see if it an issue unique to my own computer setup, or if others can verify the same effect on their systems.

Reverting (by Ctrl+[Z]) or the undo button does not change the selected tool prior to this operation. So you’re “stuck” with this tool. You’ll either need to press [Space bar] to get the ‘Select’ tool (to make a selection) or click on it or some other tool.

Sorry, I don’t get your point.

Hi, and thanks for commenting here @Wo3Dan.

I didn’t use the Undo command (Ctrl + Z). It’s the ‘Revert’ command which is on the ‘File’ Menu that caused the issue for me.

I had done a number of edits on a .skp file and want to backtrack over the steps I had taken… and rather than hitting so many undo KB shortcuts I opted for the revert command (in an effort to get back to the original file condition)… and stumbled upon things in that way.

I’d be curious to see what results you get, if you can please test it out on your system.

I use Revert a lot and have never seen this issue.

I get it.

Menu File > Revert > back to original without any selecting issues.

Hi Box,

Both you and Wo3Dan are on Windows (7) OS…

Maybe this is a Mac only problem ?? (or my own) . . . of which I’m running OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite) with SU 2016.

Many Thanks to both of you guys… I really appreciate it.

I see oddities using Revert on my mac ‘occasionally’…

It seems more likely to happen if I have more than one model open…


Thank You, John

This is shaping up like a mac thing… but I’m glad that it’s not more serious.

I have to jump ship now, and try to get some sleep.

Take Care, Guys. and Thanks Again for the input.


sleep tight