A Couple of Things: File In Use by Other Program and Sticky Tools

Because my experience is not great, these might be things that are old hat and addressed or resolved already; but they are new to me and I didn’t have the search ‘fu’ to find the answers.

First, just about every time I save a file - using either Save or SaveAs - when I next try to open the file to edit it, I get a message asking me if I want to open it in Read-Only mode because another app is using the file. I am quite certain that another app is not using the file because the only app that I have that uses .skp files is SketchUp. I work around it by saving the file under a different name which leaves it open for further editing, but it is creating a lot of dross in my folders.

Is this a known problem? Is there a fix instead of my workaround?

Second, I find I’m wearing myself out with mouse movements and mouse clicks. There has GOT to be a better way. In going through tutorials I remember being advised to always return to the Select Tool and click it before clicking on another tool. Having used SU for a while now, I understand why this advice was given. Almost every time I try to go directly from the Eraser Tool to the Orbit Tool (and others) I find that after clicking on the new tool, there is not selection of that tool - I’m still using the Eraser. This results in frequent unintentional erasures with the necessary move to the Menu bar to choose Edit, Undo Erase. It’s maddening. Even trying to remember and train my reflexes to return to the Select Tool and click it before choosing another tool can be maddening because of the mouse travel.

If this is a known problem and there is a fix or workaround that I don’t know about, please rub my nose in it and send me on my way. If not, I’d like to float an idea and see what you folks think. I’m posting a screenshot here . . .

As you can see this is the Large Toolset sidebar. I included the bit to the right because what I propose is to make this entire strip, from top to bottom, have the effect that the Select Tool does in releasing the last tool chosen. It would be quite easy to move slightly to the right (assuming you keep the toolbar at the left of your screen) click on that ‘free the mouse’ pad then move to the next tool. In fact, the strip could be made to float to the left, right, top or bottom to be opposite the nearest screen edge. This would accommodate the work habits and preferences of those who choose different place to park the large tools toolbar.

What do you think of the idea? I would made it a suggestion for future releases if there is enough interest. Of course, if I’m flogging a dead mule, take my whip and use it on me and chase me down the road.

Old issue. Are you still running v2015 ? If not, try the latest release of v2016.
There are long threads discussing this, workarounds etc.

SPACEBAR is set by default to the SelectTool.
Also see Window > Preferences > Shortcuts
and print this:
User guide: Quick Reference Card

I suggest trying another mouse, if the application is not getting the mouse clicks. (It happens.)

BTW, Oribit and other view tools are interrupter tools. They return to the previous tool when you press ESC key.

In most native edit tools, pressing ESC resets the tool to the initial state.

This would not work. There are 4 toolbar docking panes, on all 4 sides. This would reduce the effectiveness of tools drastically.

I never have heard this “always switch back to SelectTool before other tool” advice. I have never had issues switching to whatever tool I need from whatever tool is active.

Way outside the norm of standard GUI practice. Personally do not like it. The client modeling area is for modeling with tools and in every part of it, tools need to work as expected.

If your keyboard or mouse offend thee, throw them out,… because they wear out.

Is this the case on both Win and Mac?
I can’t seem to return to anything by pressing the ESC key on my Mac.

Other short cuts seem to work fine for me.


Edited to add: OK, the ESC returns me to the Select arrow on my mac, just like the space bar.

ESC on Mac should resume most other tools that were active before you chose orbit or pan, including tools implemented by plugins.

Yeah, you are correct. I see how ESC works now. That’s going to be very useful, thanks!

on my mac Esc only works on ‘OrbitTool’ i.e. orbit/pan and WebDialogs, not on any of the drawing tools…

been that way as long as I remember…

It can also ‘lock out’ the ‘Spacebar’ select shortcut if you use it on drawing tools, and then you have to click on the toolbar icon…

it’s annoying to say the least…


I may not have phrased that clearly - so far as I know, ESC only works to resume another tool from orbit or pan.