File not saved how can I retrieve a more recent file?


I saved a file with some updates. When I opened the file the updates (rooms furniture) were not visible or in the outliner…is there anyway of finding the most recent file??? Sometimes it comes up with a note saying there is a more recent version and if you’d like to open that…but not this time…

help please team!

PS the objects are visible in the small scene tags???

If the objects are really gone (not just hidden) but are showing up in the scene thumbnails. This means they were once in the file and have been deleted, and that the scene thumbnails created while they existed have not yet been updated. Is it possible you deleted the objects at some point by accident then re-saved?
You can try the recent files list in the finder menu, or search the HD for the same title, but if you have saved a newer version with the same name and objects deleted then try Time Machien to recover the previous saved version?

With 15 mins to go before my showing…youve saved my sketch up bacon! and yes I had deleted them…long story but time machine showed me why! THANK YOU!

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Yes :+1:. Time Machine FTW! Good luck with your presentation.