Field of view in Sketch-up from fish eye to normal view

Can you please help me with a tips how I can change the field of view from “fish eye” in a normal view?
I want to mention that I didn’t create any scene.

I am new in Sketch-up and I am struggling with this problem now.

Thank you a lot!

Andreea Cernia

Looks like you have set an advanced camera.
Go, Tools/Advanced Camera Tools/Reset Camera

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Thanks a lot!

Ohh no…I tought that this was the problem, but even if I reset it is still the same :frowning:

Then first make sure you are in Camera/Perspective view, then try Camera/Field of View and set it to 35mm

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It is perspective view, I can only set the 35 mm from Tools->Advanced Camera Tools. I can not input by myself.

And the problem is that the computer is running very very slow only on this project since I got this weird view

Select the Zoom tool from the Camera menu and type 35mm in the Measurements window (Don’t click in the window, though) or even something a little higher. I prefer 75mm for most things.

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Looking at your image you look like you have Profiles turned on, turn them off in View/Edge Style to speed things up, also you have shadows turned on, turn them off also.

It looks like your issue may have been caused by a render plugin, have you recently added one.

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Thank you a lot. Yes, because of the profiles turned on was working so bad…