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I am currently looking around for a suitable house to buy. Because I am also interested in Feng Shui, I am trying to put whatever I have learned from the Feng Shui books to usage.

I am thinking of creating a plugin/extension where the user keys in some parameter, and the plugin will suggest a house with ideal directions for the user.

Do let me know your thoughts on this. Do you think this will be interesting?

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What would these parameters do or be about?

User will input parameters such as gender, date of birth, when the house was constructed, direction of the house.

The plugin will then generate the following:

  1. auspicious directions for the users (based on KUA number).
  2. ideal level for the user if it is a high rise apartment.
  3. To determine factors such as location of main door, bed room, kitchen are in ideal locations.
    a. Using Eight Mansions method
    b. Using Flying Start method

The results will be an overlay onto the house model, showing where the various auspicious sectors are.

Just bouncing off some ideas and getting some feedback whether this will be useful.

Right now, I have some 2D layout images of the floor plans.

  1. I cannot visualize how big the apartment is in 2D. I prefer to see a 3D model. This is why I am using Sketchup to model the apartments.
  2. Because different apartments have different facing directions, I need to recalculate every time for each apartment where the auspicious directions are.
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As you see, mainly nonsense…

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Thanks for the input, MikeWayzovski, medeek and Anssi.

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion/thoughts on certain topics.

I am going ahead to create this plugin. This plugin will be useful for my own usage during the search of my next house. Will be useful for people who are also interested in this as well.

So far, I have created a simple dynamic component based on the algorithms of the Eight Mansion method. The creation is still in progress. Will continue to add in more algorithms as well as functions.

Do let me know if anyone has any other inputs/feedbacks.


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I can see that you would have a highly motivated niche market for the plugin, particularly in your part of the world, and increasingly so here in Australia. But the downside I’m seeing for your intended use is that you need to model the houses. That’s quite a bit of effort and a skill that the average Feng shui aficionado may not have.
I can’t see many people Modelling multiple houses to check the position of the Dragon.
But then as I’m writing this I can see that an Architectural firm could well offer this as part of their package.
Go for it.

I had a colleague once who was into Feng Shui. It felt strange to me having the analogies driving the design. I guess there is a (small) niche for it and a small base of people who can really appreciate a design based on its principles.

If you’re passionate about using Feng Shui in your design process and a plugin could help you make better designs or iterate design options more fast - I would definitely say ‘go for it’.

Small in ‘western’ culture.

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@box - absolutely - I’m all talking from my (Dutch) point of view.

Definitely not nonsense in Asia

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Truths are not relative. Feng shui, like many other belief systems like it, is based on suppositions that have been proved not to exist.

Regardless of if you or I believe in Fung Shui

the truth is close to 2 billion people in Asia do and

if you practise as an architect here you better understand its influences

now my brain hurts :grinning:

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It just says that one can not choose a set of algoritmes to describe everything, it is (proven to be) incomplete and, more important: one can not prove it’s own consistency within a given set ( of algoritmes)

While this proven for the natural numbers in mathematics, one could extrapolate this theorem to any set of assumptions.
@Anssi: truth is relative by nature

My head hurts even more :slight_smile:

Well, are we not extrapolating now? While empirical observation has confirmed that the universe follows mathematical formulas quite well, it still might be a case of correlation vs. causation.

“Everything” is an unknown construct and has the probable answer 42. To a surprising extent every thing that can be observed seems to follow an algorithm. In our observable universe tables and theorems exist, but qi doesn’t

I’ll stop trolling now…

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Thanks, everyone. I didn’t expect that this plugin will spark off such a lively discussion.
Thanks Box and maxB for the encouragement to create this plugin as well.

I like to reiterate that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions.

In any case, gsharp is correct. In Asia, many people do believe in Feng Shui.
For myself, I am interested in this topic because it has been around for thousands of years, passing down from generations to generations. There must be a reason for this.

Just an update on the progress of the plugin. I have created the Eight Mansions logic. Will touch up and then move on to the Flying Stars algorithm.

Again, please let me know if anyone has any other inputs/feedbacks/improvements which I can look into.


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