[Feature Request] Select tool, Entity Info window



Since SketchUp Mobile Viewer V3 is based on the same core of my.sketchup, you could import the Select tool and Entity info window, in order to have instant dimensions based on what you select, and Area dimensions.


Thanks Marco. You’ve definitely got the right idea :slight_smile:
This feature is on the list for future consideration.


Here is another idea for the Select tool.
This is taken from Autodesk Graphic app: when you select the Select tool, in the bottom-left corner of the screen a tool options appears. Could be useful to simply select, add to selection, remove from selection.


Is there any news about feature improvements into SketchUp Mobile Viewer? It’s a while now… :slight_smile:


The Trimble employees are not allowed to make announcements about new features before release.


Yeah, of course… I’m not asking for an official announcement before the time.
But the mobile viewer doesn’t get an update since November, seems a little strage for a product that is at its early stage…