Feature Request - Need "Entity Info Tray" in SketchUp Layout Software

Need an entity manager tray in SketchUp - Layout software. I do event management and use layout for planning an event venue. As this feature is available in SketchUp 3D software, I do not know why this is not present in SketchUp - Layout. Also Geolocation feature(map) in Layout software will help a lot.

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There is already an Entity info tray already in Sketchup
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Theres also the Geo Location in Sketchup and you can send that to Layout.

Yeah, Its in SketchUp, but not in ‘Layout’ software.
The SketchUp - Layout.

In Layout there are different trays with the information of an entity, for example if you select a Dimmension you can check its properties on the shape style, Dimmension Style and Layers tray, a viewport containing a drawing from the sketchup model will show its info on the sketchup model tray, and you can edit its parameters from the tray as well.

If you want an Entity Info tray that shows the elements of the SketchUp model in Layout, I don’t think it would be something that can be done and it doesn’t make sense to me as well, cause when you enter on a viewport you can’t select the objects of your model or edit them, if you want to do any change you just must go to the Sketchup model make the changes, save it and it will be updated automatically in Layout.

Yeah, that’s why I made a feature request, to do an entity count and to get a high rez vector layout for printing and pdf will be easy. Since I do a lot of event planning there will be too much entity and objects in my layout.
Also this features can bypass the constant need to switch between SketchUp and Layout for editing and planning.