[Feature Request] I need dimensions to be loaded in mobile version too

When can we expect dimensins to be loaded in mobile version

Hi David,

Thanks for the questions about the Mobile Viewer app. As has been mentioned here before, we’re not able to publicly disclose future product plans.

I can say, however, that we take customer feedback seriously and with any new version we’re always aiming to deliver the most widely requested features. In this past release, we delivered the most popular request – adding the ability to pull models from cloud storage services & local file transfer options.

Support for dimension strings & text objects, plus some kind of measuring tool are currently atop the list as the most popular feature requests.


Hello Mike ,

Do you have a planned release date of my stated request ?
2nd , I have requested already 3 times now for a beta version of the mobile viewer, and so far nobody contacted me .Can you please remind / check this issue ?


He already answered this, viz:

Trimble is a publically traded company, and this would be “insider information”. It is against the the law in most countries, to give “forward looking statements” about the company’s products by company employees.

Is there a ‘release date’ for an update containing the view of dimensions in SketchUp viewer?