Failure to intersect

Ver8 free,
I have two free (non-group,non-component) planes at odd angles. If I lay plane1 across plane2 and use intersect with model, lines are drawn at the intersections, and most of the time the plane that has been fully intersected will be divided into two entities, but occasionally it will not. It remains a single entity. The only recourse is to redraw the problem surface. If I instead use intersect with context, I will often get several triangular shaded areas superimposed on the original plane. I am not sure how to understand or avoid this behavior. It would seem to be either a bug, or a corruption of the model. Even if my surfaces were not planar, I still expect intersect to work.

You clearly describe your issue, however I have not experienced this condition in any modeling session. It may be more helpful to post a model that exhibits the behavior described. If this forum community can examine the condition, a solution may be offered fairly quickly.

To upload a model, just click on the arrow icon in the reply box (7th from the left). Because you are a new user, I included this last bit of info even though it may not be needed.

I tried the exact same actions in Sketchup 2014 using the same model and it worked fine. This must have been a bug that was fixed. Usually when I have the issue with one surface, there are other connected surfaces with the same issue. That had me thinking it was a corruption of the model, but now I think it was a bug. The only reason I was sticking with ver 8 was that it loaded quicker, and didn’t the GE feature go away in later versions?

No. Well, instead of using Google Earth imagery, they shifted to Google Maps but then you get color imagery.

Maybe you should read this: Heads-up, SketchUp 8 and SketchUp 2013 users!

I still have several XP machines, so 2014 is the most recent version I can use. I see that 2014 will still grab 3D terrain, and let you view it in GE. I can still find sites that list all the bugfixes & changes for the prior Sketchup versions, but I am not seeing this for 2014 or even 2015. Is this info available?

No. Send to Google Earth was really not much of a feature: you can take anything you have, export to .kmz and open in Google Earth. It’s Google Earth API that’s going away in December 2015: Google Maps Platform: Announcing deprecation of the Google Earth API

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