Failed to 3D Print rvt. to skp. to stl. file

Hello World.
I am working on this steel Beam to column connection joint.
Initially, this sketchup file was exported from Revit (.Rvt). After slicing to get the necessary connection portion, I exported as Stl. file. However, I’d sent to lab for printing yet it wasn’t able to print. May I know what is the issue?

Stl. file has been shared in the link above. Both links access to the same file just in case one doesn’t work.
Thank you!

Is this a Sketchup for schools project?

Yes. It’s for school project!

Hmmm, so it’s your homework as such. I have cleaned and made your file a printable solid, but technically you should be doing it yourself.
Basically you need to go through the model and find all the Internal faces and remove them. You’ll find them in places like the bolt heads and in the backs of the weld fillets.

Sketch Up is not official software taught in the curriculum but I’m utilizing for quick modelling or personal interest. I am newbies to the software, therefore. Thank you for your help!

Here is your repaired model, you can study it to see the difference.
3D Print 1Box.skp (785.0 KB)

Got it! Learnt the difference. However, isn’t okay for the body of the screw surface to remained in there?

You can, and probably should, remove them, but in this case because they don’t touch any other geometry they wouldn’t really affect the print.

Alright, sure do! Thanks for the explination!

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