Faces losing precision when still possible to keep it

When working with the model that is causing a crash when closing face with many edges I noticed a different issue:

When I delete the edges that allowed me to close the whole face, the edges lose their precision, most likely to the scale factor of the component of ~0.0001. As I have shown in the gif - the quality reduction is not something that couldn’t be prevented as the original scale can keep the precision. I have done copy/paste of the original edges and the component healed itself.

It is a question to SU developers, whether this loss of the precision could be prevented/healed automatically?

I attached the model with the closed faces for your convenience.EdgesPrecisionReduction.skp (558.4 KB)

I notice all of your edges are smaller than a millimeter. If I scale the model 100x, and erase the same edges, then the behaviour you describe does not occur.

Yes. I mentioned the scale factor.
I think it would be nice to allow us to model with full precision the original component size offers, without the necessity to work to work directly on it. As I have shown it is possible to store this precision.

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